Who We Are and How To Contact

History of Toilette-Humor & Toilette-Paper.com

What is Toilet-Humor.com?


Toilette-Humor.com is an ongoing collection of off-colored cartoons and jokes sent to us daily by our friends and family. We post what we feel are the truly funny ones and send out an alert to our subscribers. Our goal is to send the alert once a week but it can sometimes slip out to twice a month or even just once a month. We hope you enjoy them! Caution: They can be a bit "RISQUE."

Our Updated Privacy Policy 5.25.18

How We Got Started
Cartoons fly all over the Internet. About 17 years ago someone sent the "Worlds Greatest Creature" (Caution: Flash) and it was really funny. It had lost it's home 2 times because it is so popular. I decided to post the cartoons my friends and family were sending because my family LIKES to collect cartoons. The Worlds Greatest Creature is still the most popular cartoon on our website. Does anyone know why? We do NOT.

Me in PoolMy Family's Sense of Humor
My Dad died recently and while attending his funeral I learned that my family is considered . . . "The Laughing Family." I inherited my Dad's really really old cartoon collection and will someday scan it for you. I'll also need to scan some photos of my family from the past and then you'll totally understand.

My Friend's Sense of Humor
Something I noticed right away was that some of my friends and co-workers do not appreciate my sense of humor. I felt very bad and thought there might be something wrong me. Then the subscriptions and comments started pouring in and I was so relieved to learn there are other strange people out there like myself and my family. If you are reading this right now - - you are probably one of the "strange ones".

Brendan Tuohy

Meet Brendan
Brendan is my #1 son. He created this popula FLASH cartoon from scratch: Dangerous Creature #2 and loves sushi.

Mike "Mickey" Burns

Meet Mickey
Mickey is my youngest and most onery son. We work on websites together.

How We Pay for Our Website
I soon learned why no one could contain the bandwidth for cartoons flying all around the Internet and was fined a total of $850.00 during 2003 and 2004 for exceeding our bandwidth. That hurt and we began asking for donations. Last year we added the Google Adsense Links and and some Amazon specific items... they help cover our bandwidth expenses. All information is reported through EyeCatcher Technology on our yearly tax forms. This helps us pay to run the website.

Amount of Visitors and Bandwidth Problems
The Toilette-Humor.com website receives from 4 to 10 million visits per month depending on the season. We have a full-time "other" jobs -- it is difficult to keep up.

Our Future Plans:

  • Organize the cartoons by categories

  • Find a better program that will help people keep their friends names to reuse each time the send a link to their friends.

  • Make sure offensive cartoons are noted with a hot chili pepper rating system . . . although what is offensive to one is not offensive to another - sigh

  • Send automatic instructions to those who subcribe with easy links to plugins.

If you have any suggestions or comment please send email to: