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Why can't I view Flash Cartoons and Videos on my iPad, iPhone or WebTV?
If you have an older computer - you will be prompted to download the latest Flash Player.

iPad Volume Solution: Click Here to SEE how to turn up the volume.

Best Solution for iPad
(not iPhone)Flash Video lack of support:
October, 2011: My challenge with the iPad... trying to get a video or flash to play on all browsers, on all handhelds, tablets or computers was a complete bust. Well, not completely. After agonizing hours, uploading 8 different types of video for just one video, testing on everything - I give up. The best solution right now, until the battle between Apple, Adobe, IE and HTML5 comes to an easier solution for all of us, is... drumroll....... for iPad users to download a $4.99 app. You'll be able to view Flash cartoons and videos through a different browser - not Safari. After you've installed the app - if you are confused how to use it. Please email me: . It is really simple! Go Here:

WebTv and iPhone users, forget about it :-(

What Is Toilet Humor? is a collection of graphical cartoons, videos and flash. Most are sent to me by my friends, with an emphasis on risque, wacky, sometimes irreverant adult humor that my family finds funny. Not everyone likes it but I discovered a LOT of people who do. God Bless Our Planet!

Is This Site Free
Yes, absolutely Yes :-) Just be sure to visit some of the google ads or sponsored ads IF they interest you or... if you can afford it, make a small donation to help pay for server space, bandwidth and the email alert program. We pay $300 per month for webhosting and the email alert service. Yes, it is FREE.

You Need High Speed Internet Access To View This Site!
We suggest a download speed of 6.0 Mbps or higher.

AOL Problems
Please visit this page for AOL Solutions

A solution to some browser problems

  1. From a subscriber... "Okay, finally figured it out. My husband went into “tools/internet options/advanced” and unchecked the two boxes for “disable script Debugging” and now the web site works just fine. Thought I would let you know in case someone else is having the same problem."
  2. Make sure your browser's cache is set to do a clean refresh each time you visit a web page. We may fix a problem but you'll still have the old one. You can force a clean refresh by holding down your shift key at the same time you "refresh" your browser.

Have you installed the Latest Media Players?
PC and Mac users... Make sure you have the latest browser, flash and wmv plugins.

  • Download Free QuickTime Player:  Mac  •  PC
  • Download Free Windows Media Player: PC
    Macintosh/Apple Users: You may want to purchase Flip4Mac, a module created for your QuickTime Player. $29
  • Download Free Macromedia Flash Player: Mac & PC
  • MPEG General Information:
    For MPEG Files PC Users: Try WMV Player
    Mac: Use Your QuickTime Player

Mac Users: Download the latest Firefox browser Download the Flip4mac plugin for your Quicktime. Microsoft has quit supporting their wmv player for the Macs.

No matter what you send me - if go to your web site it never comes up. I wait and wait and wait and nothing.

Possibilities . . .

  1. You are trying to view web sites from within a secured Internet such as an office network computer that has limitations on outside connectivity...
  2. There are specific filters in place within your own security program that are not not allowing NC-17+ ratings to be viewed or displayed...
  3. Your ISP is controlling viewable domains or some such controls...(not likely unless with (AOL) or other censer-controlling group).
  4. Your browser has been hijacked by malicious programs and does not allow specific sites to be viewed... Visit Clean-PC.Com
  5. Your email program is rewriting the links to something broken. Try hand typing in the addresses. (safest way also)
  6. One huge issue is security settings. There are layers and layers of security settings; in your browser, in your office network, norton, AOL... it goes on and on.

Send to a Friend Problems:

We've discovered that some of our spam problems come from legitimate subscribers who have "FunWebProducts" installed in their computer. It's a piece of "adware" and most of you probably don't even know it's on your computer. If you do have it installed, you'll no longer be able to use our "send to a friend" program. If you get an error message that it's been detected while trying to send a cartoon - just Google "No fun with FunWebProducts ". I'm not able to help you delete this program. Here's a site that can help you detect and remove it if you'd like.: FunWebProducts Removal and Detection

No matter what cartoon I try to send through your "Send to a Friend" form.... when my friend clicks the link it goes to your main page, NOT the specific cartoon:

You probably have "referrer information" turned off in your browser's security settings -- so our script can't tell where the link is coming from, and it just defaults back to our home page instead.

Red X Problems

I am fully enjoying the cartoons that you are sending me, but I cannot understand what I need to do about the ones with squares and the red X in the top left corner. I'm sure the X has something to do with it. My neighbors can't figure it out either. We have read everything about them and still don't get them. Can you help me? Thank you

Computer and it's processing programs(Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint) do not recognize the file or, the file does not exist on the web or, a program like Norton Internet Securities has been programmed to NOT display images on the web that fit a certain criteria (like standard sized web banners for spam/trojan purposes).

  1. Double check that you have a program like Microsoft's "MS Paint" or Adobe's Photoshop. If the file is a .jpg .gif, then a simple picture program should be able to view the image
  2. double check that the image is actually on the web.
  3. revisit your protection programs and make sure it is not blocking certain file types or "Image Sizes" like Norton Internet Securities (NIS)

I am unable to hear or see a WMV File
You may need a WMV Player update, this is free from Microsoft. I think this is the most popular player for the PC world. I'm on a Macintosh, and wmv's wouldn't work until I downloaded the latest free player. Macintosh/Apple Users: You may want to purchase Flip4Mac, a module created for your QuickTime Player. $29

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How to Cut and Paste When a Link won't open your Browser window
Visit this Website

I can't open the cartoons that have action pics... I get the box in the corner of the screen but I can not open at all on my system...Help me!! I want to show my family stuff on your site

  1. You might need new Plug-ins or Medial Players for your browser.
    Be sure you have the latest browser updates.
  2. You might not have enough memory (RAM)
  3. You might only be using a dial-up connection. You need High Speed Internet Access for many of these cartoons. Be sure you have the latest browser updates.
  4. Test your Upload and Download Speed

Why Don't I Hear From You Very Often?
We only send links to jokes that we think are great - and only once in awhile. If we are turned in for spamming - we'll get in deep trouble with the company we use to send out alerts. I'm trying to send out a cartoon alert once a week. Sometimes more often, sometimes only once a month.

Can I copy the jokes and files and e-mail them to my friends?
If you know how :-) I think they are downloaded onto your computer in a cache file and might not be under the same name as the cartoon. You have to read the source code and find the file name. Sometimes your computer will rename the file. The way I'm able to pay for the site is by having people refer family and friends back to the site and if a google ad interests them and they go to a google advertising website - we make a small amount. It adds up. Having people download cartoons on a direct basis would kill my bandwidth. I was fined over $850 by my web host for going over bandwidth so now I have a dedicated server at $200 per month and $100 each month for the cartoon alert program. Sorry this is so difficult. I'm considering adding a link to the cartoon, but since some are copyright I also do not wish to get into trouble.

Keep those questions coming
Thanks So Much . . . Suzzanne

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