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AOL Problems

  • Download the latest Internet Explorer browser (of Firefox) for your system and the latest WMV player. Do not use AOL's browser to view our site. AOL stops the WMV's from playing.
  • AOL has limits and controls set inside of their browsers and spyware/adware filters.
  • If there is still a problem, then AOL most likely has these filters set to high. Either reset AOL for a more ADULT-FRIENDLY setting with a few less securities, or go into IExplorer and turn down the securities to a lower level.
  • Beyond that, you might have other problems in your computer keeping you from viewing "ACTIVE CONTENT" such as direct-X and other goodies that make the web a fun place to play.

AOL Live Help
Visit the Live Help area at AOL® Keyword: LIVE HELP or on the Internet, go to

  1. From a subscriber...
    "After talking to AOL for a very short time, I downloaded the new Internet Explorer, newest WMV player, deleted all cookies and did a couple of other things I didn't understand (sorry) and it works like a charm. Anyone having problems needs to ask AOL and they will help them fix it immediately. It was sooooo easy for me and if it's easy for me, anyone can do it. Contact AOL and they will help you get your browser working..."

From AOL:
To fix this, let us try to clear your cache files first then we'll try to view them using Internet Explorer. Are you ready to try that now? sure, thanks Let's get started. =) cool Please click START, then select INTERNET EXPLORER, or click START, select ALL PROGRAMS, then INTERNET EXPLORER. ok Please click on the TOOLS option on top of your Internet Explorer page, then select INTERNET OPTIONS. Click DELETE FILES under GENERAL tab. Check the box to DELETE ALL OFFLINE CONTENT, then click OK. Click on DELETE COOKIES, then click on OK. Click the PROGRAMS tab. Click the RESET WEB SETTINGS button, then click YES. Click OK. Click the ADVANCED tab. Click RESTORE DEFAULTS, then click OK. Click the SECURITY tab. Click INTERNET, then click DEFAULT LEVEL. Click OK. Once done, please try the site in that same IE page then try to play the WMVs and tell me what happens

... It has been my pleasure assisting you. Thank you for visiting AOL® Live Help. If you need assistance in the future, just visit the Live Help area at AOL® Keyword: LIVE HELP or on the Internet, go to Have a good day!

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