Where We've Been

When you don't hear from us...
there is a GOOD REASON


Update 10/15/10
We're doing really good! We were able to move into our OWN Mobile home this year. Wow... after 2.5 years of leasing someone else's home, it is so nice to work in our own yards and fix things up! The grandkids are doing very well too. They are growing so quickly. Will include a few photos here. A very nice family purchased the home we lost in 2007 and it's been fun helping them get up-to-speed with it. WD's cancer is still in remission. Here's a photo and a wacky family video just to keep you updated. May you all be blessed as we plough through these somewhat difficult years!

Xmas 2009

Our Family Movie

A year has passed. "Feel No Fear" worked GREAT for 2008, a lesson finally learned. I did not throw up on the pavement. Hubby and I did not give in to fear. The grandkids and I took lots of tennis lessons - they are doing very well. I turned 61, Hubby had an incredibly successful hip replacement. So: for 2009...
Trust God's Plan For Us, Stay Positive, Loving and Spend Wisely!

Our Family 2008

Three short months, what a difference it can make! It's time to let you know where we've been again. Gulp. Right before Thanksgiving we received news that we were to become guardians of my 2 grandchildren, 6 and 10. This came as a total surprise. So... we had to find a new place to live, quick. We leased a 4 bedroom and got started moving. I picked up the grand kids in December and their first day of school was yesterday.

What more can I say? God has handed both of us way more than I ever thought we were capable of doing; financially, spiritually or physically. The only way we're getting through it is by trusting that God is directing the way each day. There is NO other way we can even try and handle all this. Eeeeek. When I give in to fear it feels like I could just lay down on the pavement and throw up.
FEEL NO FEAR is my motto for 2008!

Kids Xmas 2007

HUGS to you all. I hope your New Year is much better than even the last.

Update 10/9/07
We're finally moved and the house is ready to sell. It's staged and gorgeous but we can't seem to get anyone to come and see it. I hate to go over there, it is so beautiful, quiet... peaceful. The Koi and Carp miss us, so we go often to feed them. Here's a ton of photos in case you are interested, you'll get to see how much work we've done. We built most of the house ourselves, it took four years. I don't see the Koi pond though. Here's the website that begins the adventure. Meanwhile Hubby is still doing fine but he's started taking long naps again which is a worry. The Doctors are watching him carefully. Were slowly unpacking in our new home but I'm busy putting up the Halloween Cartoons. This is the website's busiest season. Eeeeeek. Happy Halloween to all of you :-)

6/15/07: Hubby is doing much better and is finished with lung cancer radiation treatments. Please know it's ok to focus your prayers and good wishes towards someone who might need them more now. We've heard from appx 100 cartoon viewers who are in GREAT NEED of your prayers if you have the time and mental space to do this! :-)

Uh OH...Why you haven't been hearing from me lately:
Many of you thought we'd JUST moved into our new home. In fact, we moved into it 3 years ago. It took those 3 years to get rid of the trailer sitting out front that we'd lived in while building our home. We realized last month that we needed to downsize... "RIGHTSIZE" and move out of our dream home before it eats us alive financially. This has been difficult to deal with emotionally but as you've probably discovered.... When we are making the right move towards the future, everything seems to fall into place.

We found a mobile home for under $40K. A miracle, because it is in wonderful condition in a nice over-55 park. We even found a wonderful new home for our dog. Phew! We are getting our home ready to sell (UGH) and will put it up for sale the first part of July. I HATE leaving my "dream home," but... I know many of you fear or have gone through this downsizing process too. All is going well for us. If you ever FEAR the downsizing a.k.a "rightsizing" process, please send me an email and I'll give you a pep talk. I haven't cried this much in years, but we KNOW it is all for the better. Our lives have just begun :-) "If you see a fork in the road... take it!"

Selling Our Dream Home
Our Dream Home
WD and Suzzanne 2007

Update 4/29/07
My hubby is in his 3rd week of radiation treatments. He is doing sooooo well! All your prayers are working! We appreciate all your caring, good wishes and prayers. He has 4 solid more weeks to go. I'm keeping him very busy so that he can keep up his strength. We finally (after 7 years), got rid of the 34' trailer that we'd lived in during the 4 years it took to build our home. I can't explain what a wonderful feeling it is to look out the front window and just see "nature". My foot is still healing from a break in one of the bones... (thank goodness we don't have a 2 story home).. Cheers!

Trailer for 4 years Moving the Trailer
We lived here 4 years while
building our home
Last week (mid-April) they came and took it away..... (sigh of relief)
Trailer Is Gone WD and Suzzanne
What it looks like now - we have some landscaping to do.

Hubby and Suzzanne

When it Rains it Pours?
I broke a bone in my foot in October and finally had to use a wheelchair from Christmas day through mid February. I couldn't work at the computer very well and developed a newfound respect for anyone with physical challenges. It was kind of fun to visit restrooms in restaurants and see if they truly understood how people in wheelchairs need good access to the bathroom.

Early February ... 2007
My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had a tumor removed from his lung- and although he is now back home there may be more cancer in another area. I've been driving him to many doctors and our emotions are bouncing around like 2 balls at the end of a ping pong paddle. Of course there is good in anything that happens... I'm just sure there is :-)

For Those of You Who Believe in Prayer
Please add my husband to your list. Thanks so much for your patience waiting for new Toilette-Humored Cartoons. We are still laughing. He's able to begin driving so that I can get back to work.

Suzzanne and WD Stanford