Texas Man Witnesses a Car Accident

Hilarious accident witnessed over the radio in real time


funny radio show, hilarious audio recordin

This is reference to your link about the Car Accident that you posted about the guy who sees the accident and then gives a play by play. Well, here is the story behind that, I am a Network Engineer and so I get a lot of goofy "stuff" via e-mail about things that happen to systems. Well this "VOICE MAIL" was one of them. The guy works at the Jack in the Box Head Quarters in Dallas and was calling into work. This happens and he gives a play by play of what is going on. It was SO popular that it was sent around to just about everyone at HQ and it CRASHED there VOICEMAIL server; because it filled it up. So the combination of the voicemail and it actually crashing the Jack in the Box voicemail server systems is even more FUNNY!

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